What is Ren Japanese hair scissors?

Japanese hairdressing scissors are popular all over the world.

It can be difficult to decide which scissors are best for you.

In this article we would like to explain in detail about REN SCISSORS, which are very popular in Japan.

Commitment to production

We are always conscious of where the customer’s needs lie and whether the user is satisfied with the product.

In the preliminary stage of manufacturing, imagination and design are necessary, which is the basis of manufacturing.

We do not accept the mechanized, data-driven manufacturing of recent years. We believe that a pair of scissors made by a craftsman is more valuable than a pair of scissors made in a short time.

Structure around screw


The shears are made up of two blades that overlap each other.

When the blades are open, they form an unstable X shape. In order to stabilize this, we have designed the screw in a circular shape.

In addition, a bearing has been fitted in the circular area to ensure that the pressure of the screw is also transmitted in a stable manner, resulting in improved cutting power.

This is the circular 3D touchpoint.

LSBS stands for “Limitlessly Shallow Back Surface”.

In the past, the back surface of the scissors was a concave “hollow” surface, but with the LSBS, the “hollow” surface is now a flat surface, allowing for more volume.

LSBS processing, knife-edge

The result is a sharp edge with a constant blade angle from base to tip, which we call a knife-edge.

As the name suggests, the sharpness of the blade is unprecedented.

They are also very comfortable to use, as they prevent hair from accumulating between the dynamic and static blades.

As the scissors are sharpened, they gradually change their shape and, after a number of times, they reach the end of their life.

This means that LSBS has a much longer life and can be used for many years.

CTN (Catch Triangle Notch) function to prevent hair loss

The CTN has a triangular notch in the static blade, which makes it possible to keep the hair in place.

However, it is not enough to have a jagged edge.

If the incisions are too deep, the cut will be heavy, and if they are too wide, it will be impossible to catch the hair.

We have tried and tested many times to find the best shape.

Two types are available, one for wet cutting and one for dry cutting.

※Patented model

Steel material

Our scissors are made from a special type of cutlery steel called stainless steel.

Our scissors are made of the highest quality material, which has a worldwide reputation in the cutlery industry.

It is characterised by a very fine grain, which allows the blade to remain sharp for a long time.

The reason for this is that the dynamic and static blades rub against each other, reducing the inevitable wear.

On the other hand, the coarser particles cause more wear at the tip and do not stay sharp as long.

As shown in the diagram, the finer particles are smaller and wear is minimised.

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How to take care of hair cutting scissors/shears ?

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