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The best hair scissors sharpening in London

Your hair scissors getting dull or drop off hair scissors recently?

All hairdressers know hair scissors are the most important tool.

If your hair scissors are getting dull or drop off your hair scissors will lose sharpness gradually and as they do you will notice the need for additional pressure to make a cut.

Besides it damage hair if you keep using non-sharpness hair scissors.

It’s very important that you keep your scissors sharp as if you cut blunt, it would be difficult to cut hair properly and the blades can also become damaged.

It affects your handwork as well.

Your hands and fingers become tired easily and it takes time to cut whole hair.

Sharpening your scissors regularly will ensure they last longer and also reduce the risk of injuring your hands.

Here are some tips about the wrong information for hairdressers.

Some hairdressers try to sharpen their hair scissors by themself but absolutely we don’t recommend doing it.

If you have cheap hair scissors and you are not a professional hairdresser please try this out.

How to sharpen hair scissors?

If you have normal scissors or sewing scissors please try this method at home.

Sharpen scissors with stone

How do you think?

This video is shown a sharpening technique with hairdressing scissors.

Actually, this method destroys hair scissors so you should ask a professional person.

But it might work only for normal scissors, sewing scissors, and cooking scissors.

Sharpen scissors with aluminum foil

This is a popular method.

Firstly, fold the foil sheet several times until it’s at least six layers thick.

As much as you cut aluminum foil your scissors getting better and easy to cut more than before.

But this lasts only for few days and your scissors getting back to worse.

If you try this method please wipe your scissors carefully before and after.

Sharpen scissors with sandpaper?

This method is similar to cutting aluminum.

But you don’t need to fold sandpaper and just cut it several times.

It won’t take too much time and this is good for only

How do I know when my hairdressing scissors need sharpening?

Basically, your hairdressing scissors are likely to need sharpening every 6 months depending on how much you maintain your scissors and how many customers you work with per day.

There is an easy test your scissors need sharpening or not is that use tissue paper.

If your scissors are sharp enough, you can cut tissue straightly, and if not you need to have them sharpened as soon as possible.

Using dull scissors breaking hair off and damage hair a lot.

In this case, you need to stop using it and switch different hair scissors for your customers.

How do you maintain your hair scissors?

  • Looking after your hairdressing scissors will last longer and help your work.

Please check what you have to do for maintenance:

Wipe your scissors and put oil after work every day

Wiping scissors and put oil is common maintenance for scissors.

Even if you work hard and want to go back home please try to clean your hair scissors.

If you left hair scissors with hairs wouldn’t last long.

Check the tension of your scissors

  1. Sometimes you need to check the tension of your scissors.
  2. Whenever you start feeling it heavy to open and close hair scissors it because of screw parts.

To adjust the tension of hair scissors use a screwdriver or fingers and check it is a good feeling or not.

Basically, as much as you use hair scissors screw parts getting loose so you need to check this once a month.

Where are the best places to get my hairdressing scissors sharpened?

If you live in London there is only one Japanese hair scissors sharpener.

As you know Japanese hairdressing scissors are the sharpest and the best quality hair scissors.

Also, Japanese sharpers have a lot of experience and knowledge of it so you can count on them.

Your hair scissors are very important and Japanese sharpers take care of your hair scissors carefully and make it sharp as you want.

Please experience our sharpening quality.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for reading and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Ren Japanese scissors

Adress:4 Pollen St, Mayfair, London W1S 1ND

+44 20 7289 0260

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