How do I choose the right hairdressing scissors for me?

How do hairdressers living in London buy the hairdressing scissors they use for their work?

We would like to explain this to anyone who is thinking of buying hairdressing scissors.

Exclusive dealer for hairdressers

A beauty dealer is a person who buys products from manufacturers who specialize in hairdressing and sells them to hairdressers, beauticians, shops, and salons.

Beauty dealers deal in a variety of products used in beauty salons, such as colouring materials, shampoo, scissors, and perm instruments. They come to the salon to explain their products when new products are released, so hairdressers can see the products in person and buy professional scissors.


You can also buy your hairdressing scissors directly from the manufacturer.

They can check the hairdressing scissors directly with their own eyes and hands, or they can make custom-made hairdressing scissors for you.

Each manufacturer has its own website where you can make inquiries and purchase beauty scissors.

Online shopping

Nowadays you can buy hairdressing scissors on Amazon and other major online retailers.

The beauty scissors on sale range from very cheap to very expensive.

Some are of home quality, others are for trimming animals, so you need to be careful when buying them.

How to choose the right hairdressing scissors without making mistakes?

Many people make the mistake of buying hairdressing scissors.

For a hairdresser, the hairdressing scissor is the most important tool of the job.

That’s why you need to see it with your eyes and check it with your hands.

At Ren Japanese Scissors, we have a shop in London where hairdressers can check our hairdressing scissors in person.

Ren Japanese Scissors are also used by famous hairdressers working in London and are a popular brand in Japan.

Criteria for choosing a hairdresser’s scissors

Scissors play the most important role for hairdressers, but there are many brands and they come in different shapes, sharpness, and designs.

They are different from the scissors you use in your daily life and can be very expensive.

When you buy scissors, choose the ones that suit you and are easy to use.

You can ask your seniors for their recommendations and find your favorite scissors from them, or you can look at reviews on the internet.

  • Choose by manufacturer’s features
    Select by scissors blade shape
    Choose from the shape of the handle

Which is the best price for hairdressing scissors?

The price of beauty scissors varies greatly depending on the brand, steel, and design.

A good quality hairdressing scissor will last longer and cut better.

However, if the scissors are cheap, you may find them difficult to use because they are not sharp enough.

If you want to buy good-quality hairdressing scissors that will last for a long time, you should buy something between £600 and £1000.

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