Japanese hairdressing scissors manufacturing process

Plane machining

We store our scissors material in plate form. In order for the scissors to cut well, they need to be precisely flat.

The LSBS process, which is one of our specialities, is also an important part of this process.

Cave processing

This process is used to make the screw holes. It may sound simple, but this operation is very sensitive.

Although the holes are only made at right angles to the blade material, a high degree of precision is required and the quality of the workmanship is demonstrated when this is achieved.

Cutting out

It is cut out in the shape of a blade.

For example, the head part of the comb blade has a great influence on the cutting rate of the thinning.

A wide variety of scissors are waiting to be born, as the small head part can be precisely machined and the blade line, which affects the way the cutting scissors are cut, can be freely designed.


Scissors need to be more than just hard.

They need to be both hard and flexible. In order to get the best out of the blade material,

it is necessary to heat-treat it in an optimum environment with a great deal of experience, and the result is a high-quality pair of scissors.


One of our features is the possibility to choose the handle and blade separately.

After listening to the customer’s requirements, we select the handle and blade material from the order sheet received at the factory and weld them together.

This is the start of the scissors making process.

Shaping of scissors

The handle and blade are welded together to form a pair of scissors, but they are far from being the scissors you see every day, they are rough and angular.

However, they are far from the scissors you see every day.

We are particular about the edge of the blade, the base of the handle and other parts that are rarely seen.

cutting edge

Each pair of scissors is carefully and painstakingly sharpened according to its individual characteristics: a sharp willow blade, a soft blade that escapes a little, a back sharpening adjustment that allows the cutting edge to open and close smoothly.

The knife-edge process we advocate has been developed through years of research and experience. The unique opening and closing feeling and the sharpness are the results of a well-honed sensibility.

Final touches

After all the processes, the blade is finished to a mirror-like finish and awaits assembly, the final stage of finishing.

But it is here that the craftsman must be most nervous. But this is where the craftsman must be most nervous because he has to hit the blade with a hammer.

In other words, it can “break” and all the hard work that has gone into it can be undone.

Despite this fear, the blade is ideally “warped” and the principle of leverage gives it maximum cutting power.

Cut test

The finished scissors are then put to the cutting test.

The scissors are not simply cut for cutting, they are also cut for the situations in which they are best suited, such as blunt cutting, stroke cutting and outside thinning.

The scissors are also designed to cope with customers who are a bit of a pushover.


The scissors can also be personalised with your own logo. (This is a great way to give your scissors a personal touch. We also keep track of your scissors with model numbers and serial numbers.

Packing and shipping

Before we send your precious product to you, we wipe the body clean, prepare the care accessories and pack it in a box with the wish that “these scissors will be your partner”.

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