The best Japanese hair scissors with cut & thinning shears

Hairdressers from all over the world speak out.
“Hair scissors made in Japan are the best in the world”.

Made in Japan products are often handmade, with great attention to detail and durability.

For those of you who are thinking of buying Japanese hair scissors, we would like to introduce some points you should know.

What are Japanese hairdressing scissors?

Japanese hair scissors are high-quality beauty scissors made with precision by the Japanese.

Beauty scissors made by the Japanese tend to be more expensive and are of better quality than other beauty scissors in terms of sharpness, durability, and the materials used.

Many companies now refer to their scissors as “Japan’s scissors” even though they are not made by Japanese hands.

If you are thinking of buying a genuine Japanese beauty scissor, make sure you know what you are looking for before you choose!

Japanese hair cutting scissors

There are three main types of blades used in cutting scissors, each of which has a very different cutting action, so it is important to choose the blade that best suits the design you want to create.

Blade shape

【Straight blade】
The blade line is made in a straight line so that the hair does not escape easily and is suitable for blunt cutting. It is suitable for cutting with a clean line, like a barber’s.

【Willow blade】
The willow blade is a little more curved than the straight blade, so it gives a softer finish without giving a clear line. It can be used for various cutting techniques such as chop, slide, and stroke.

【Bamboo Blade
The blade line is more curved than the willow blade, so it does not cut the hair too much and it is easy to escape from the blade. It is ideal for dry cutting and texture control.

Scissor length (inches)

The length of the scissor is the length from the tip of the blade to the base of the handle, not including the pinky strap.

「1 inch (inch) = 25,4 mm (mm)」

Length Purpose
5 inch 12,7cm chop cut
5,5inch 13,97cm Blunt cut
Slide cut
Chop cut
6inch  15,24cm Brunt cut
Slide cut
Chop cut
Stroke cut
6,5 inch 16,51cm Brant cut
7 inch 17,78cm Mowing

The length of the scissors will vary depending on the application and if you are a woman, the smaller scissors are easier to handle.

The shape of the scissor handle

There are two main types of scissor handles: spectacle handles and offsets handles.

One of the most important factors when buying a scissor is the fit, which is important for long-term use.

Let’s take a look at the characteristics of each type.

Spectacle handle

◯Dynamic and static blades are aligned in the same position
◯A wide range of movement makes it easy to cut vertically or horizontally
◯Not stable when gripped

Offset handle

  1. ◯The thumb is shorter than the blade.
    ◯Fits well and is stable
    ◯Not suitable for fine cutting techniques


Other handle type

There are also other differences in the shape of the handle.

They are designed to be easier to use and to suit different purposes.

Little finger rest
Some have a little finger rest, some do not. If it is a screw type, it can be removed.

Hennessy type
The Hennessey handle is more curved than a normal offset handle, making it easier to cut without lifting the elbow.

3D handle
The handle is made with a twist in the thumb and little finger area to give a better fit.

Japanese hair thinning scissors

Types of cut rates

Cut-rate 10-15% (dry)

This is the lowest cut-rate, so it is easy to use when you want to adjust fringes and ends or lighten the hair from the roots.

Cut-rate 20-30% (dry and wet)

This is the most basic and popular cut-rate. This is the most basic and popular cutting rate. It is easy to adjust and reduce the amount of hair on average, so it is a good idea to have the first thinning scissors with this rate.

Cut-rate 30-38% (dry and wet)

This is recommended for hairdressers who have a lot of hair and men’s customers because it cuts a lot of hair. It is not suitable for debuting stylists and assistants as it may fail if you do not know the cut-rate well.

Cut-rate 40% – (dry and wet)

Although the percentage of hairdressers who use this product is small in general, it is suitable for those who want to quickly blur men’s haircuts and those who want to reduce the amount of hair and cut it in a short time.

Types of Comb Blades for Senning Scissors

There are various types of comb blades used in the Senning Scissors.

  • ◯Flat type
    ◯V-groove type
  • There are differences such as flat shapes that are suitable for small amounts of hair and dry cutting, waveforms that are easy to use both dry and wet, and others that are easy to remove for other purposes.

There are different types of comb blades for thinning scissors to ensure that they do not get caught in the hair, so make sure that you use them both wet and dry when you buy them.

If it is difficult to use, such as a double-edged type, it may be difficult for a debut stylist to use it for its intended purpose.

The aim is to adjust hair volume quickly and without damaging the hair, so it is best to use a product that suits your clientele and your needs.

Left-handed Japanese hair scissors (Lefty scissors)

If you are left-handed, there are special scissors available for left-handers.

They are more expensive than right-handed scissors.

You may think that a right-handed scissor with a spectacle handle can be used by left-handed people.

However, with a right-handed scissor with a spectacle handle, the blade will not move in the same way, so you are more likely to suffer from sharpness, finger and arm fatigue.

Left-handed people are strongly advised to buy left-handed scissors, even if they are more expensive, as they are available from many different companies.

The best Japanese Hairdressing Scissors Top 10

Here are some of the most popular beauty scissors available in Japan and abroad for Japanese and foreigners.

Ren scissors

We, REN×Scissors Japan, make a great effort to make scissors that produce spectacular results for any kind of hair.

To manufacture these unprecedented scissors, our experienced craftsmen carefully choose only the best materials and using our original method, craft scissors with sharpness and tenderness.

In our factory, each pair of scissors are scrupulously and precisely measured and designed so that the best hairstylists can perform at their best by using our products.

We always strive to provide genuinely Authentic Scissors. This is our real passion and responsibility. We are very pleased to serve all our customers in this way.

Naruto scissors

We have been making hairdressing scissors by hand since 1963. Naruto scissors are produced one by one using highly skilled craftsmanship.

Our craftsmen have inherited expertise of more than 50 years. Sharpening and Minute adjustments by our craftsmen and Our own structure of scissors” reflect on each pair of scissors. This creates the feature of Naruto scissors Sharpness and a good cutting feeling that lasts longer.

Matsui scissors




Scissor Tech(がシェアした投稿

Experience Matsui!  Immerse yourself into the world of premium,high-precision cutting. You won’t miss a beat with your new premium scissors specifically designed for the professional hairdresser.

Kamisori scissors




KAMISORI Italia(@kamisori.italia)がシェアした投稿

Perfect balance and unparalleled sharpness, a masterpiece of elegance. Kamisori shares are used and recommended by platform hair stylists all over the world. Experience innovated shears recognized as one of the world’s best

Jaguar  scissors




Jaguar Scissors(@jaguar_scissors)がシェアした投稿

Perfection in design and function – this is what distinguishes JAGUAR hair scissors. With the different lines, we offer an individually suitable tool for every hairdresser’s daily work.

Yasaka scissors

Our scissors use the stainless steel special cutlery steel manufactured based on the raw material iron with high purity.

The character of the iron is excellent in hardness wear and abrasion resistance and resistance to corrosion.

The scissor blades are sharpened by our unique method that is the first of its kind.

Blades are hardened and then annealed in a complete vacuum, with the blades

sharpened to a point in finishing the scissors.

After vacuum annealing and sub-zero treatment is provided by our own special unique process.

Joewell scissors




Joewell Scissors(@joewell_scissors)がシェアした投稿

Since our establishment in 1917 Tokosha has strived to ensure that our Joewell brand has remained synonymous with definitive quality and expertly crafted scissors.

The company is known for its passion in the pursuit to provide hairdressers worldwide the ultimate cutting tools that cater to the diverse needs of all our customers.

Our master craftsmen use their extensive experience and leading technology to provide award-winning designs and hand-finished scissors.

Matakki scissors




MATAKKI SCISSORS(@matakkiscissors)がシェアした投稿

Matakki Scissors company is a multi-award-winning brand with accolades for best customer care, best social media, and best scissors in the industry.

We manufacture and supply the highest quality Japanese steel handcrafted professional scissors which has led to us being voted as the number one professional hairdressing and barber brand in the World.

Hasho scissors

HASHO’s scissors are committed to “design and quality” to the utmost limit It is used by many beauticians. The origin of the company name is “Takumi” who knows all about “Blade”. We will propose a scissor that fits your style and is familiar to you.

Akito scissors




Akito Scissors(@akitoscissors)がシェアした投稿

Handmade and precision engineered by some of the world’s most experienced and skilled Master Scissor Smiths ensuring each Akito Scissor is made to the highest standard and built to last.

Prices for Japanese hairdressing scissors (shears)and thinning scissors

The price of a beauty scissor is not necessarily the same as the quality of the product.

The price of a scissor is determined by the materials used and the labor costs.

Therefore, there are good scissors that are cheap and there are scissors that are expensive but difficult to use.

Prices Steel
Cheap scissors 30,000 – 50,000yen Stainless steel
General scissors 50,000 – 100,000yen Cobalt stainless steel
Expensive scissors 100,000 or more Stellite
HSS steel
Damascus steel

Features of cheap Japanese hair scissors and thinning

One of the main factors that characterize cheap scissors and thinning is the material and shape of the scissors used.

Basically, the cheapest scissors are

◯Stainless steel
◯Cobalt-based stainless steel

They are also cheaper because they have a simpler design, which saves time and labor costs.

However, stainless steel and even cobalt stainless steel scissors are very expensive, ranging from 30,000yen to 80,000yen, so of course, they are very sharp compared to ordinary scissors and are easy to use and sharp.

Features of high-quality Japanese hair scissors and thinning shears

Some of the most expensive hair scissors in Japan are made with

◯HSS steel

These materials are more expensive because they are more precious and expensive.

In addition, the design of the handle and the decoration of the scissors require a lot of labor and time, which makes them more expensive.

It is important to note that the price of a pair of scissors does not mean that it is a good pair of scissors, but that it is based on the material, shape, and labor costs.

How to choose Japanese hairdressing scissors and thinning shears?

When you are looking to buy a scissor or thinning shears, there are some things that you need to consider when choosing the right scissor for you.

Many hairdressers focus on the design and appearance of their scissors, but it is important to keep in mind that they will be used for a long time.

Choose the right scissors for your customers and your needs

  1. The criteria for choosing a scissor or a thinning depends on the type of clientele and the purpose for which you are using it.
  2. Contract workers
  3. Because they have to take care of a number of people a day, they often use a scissor that can be used to adjust the amount of hair before cutting in order to minimize the cutting time.
  4. People who often cut children
    We have a lot of families and children in the salon, so we use compact, short scissors that are easy to cut even when the children are moving.
  5. Hair straightening and curly hair salons
    As a salon specializing in hair straightening and frizzy hair, we use a lot of slide and stroke cuts to make the most of the frizzy hair, so we often use scissors with bamboo or willow blades.You will need to choose the right scissors and cutting tools for your salon and your customers.

Choose a scissor that fits the shape of your hands.

Scissors are used all day long, so it is very important to choose one that fits well and does not cause fatigue.

Even if you choose an expensive scissor with good quality steel and a cool design, it will be useless if your hands get tired.

Each man and woman has a different hand size, shape, and cutting ability, so you may need to use the scissors for a whole day to understand how easy they are to use.

Women tend to choose smaller scissors because they have smaller hands, but this can lead to fatigue as they have to open and close the scissors more often.

For men, using a small scissor for slide cutting can lead to tendonitis.

Most scissors have an offset handle and are around 6 inches long, but if this doesn’t suit your hand, try changing the handle to a spectacle handle or use a scissor of a different length.

How to take care of your Japanese hairdressing scissors and shears?

Ask for a good Japanese scissor sharpener!

Japanese beauty scissors are very finely crafted.
If the sharpness of the scissors deteriorates, it is advisable to have them sharpened by a Japanese professional.

The skill of the sharpener will make all the difference to the finish of your beauty scissors.

The quality of the service provided by Japanese sharpeners is the best in the world.

To maintain the sharpness of your Japanese beauty scissors, you should always ask a Japanese sharpener to sharpen them for you.

Best professional Japanese hairdressing scissors

Hairdressing scissors are the most important tools for all hairdressers.

If you like to do good hair for your customers please get nice hair scissors.

Hope you will find the best one and create awesome hairstyles.

If you are interested in ren scissors please feel free to contact us.

Shipping is available in Uk and the EU.

We do sharpening and maintenance scissors.

Sharpening Price: £25+vat(£5)=£30


Thank you for reading!

The best hair scissors sharpening in London

Japanese hairdressing scissors are made of good materials

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