Are you looking for Japanese hairdressing scissors in UK?

When you become a hairdresser, there are times when you want a new scissor.

  • For example
    I need a new scissor that is easier to use.
    I want a different scissor design
    I want a scissor with a different cut
    I want a high-quality scissor


The important thing for you is to find the right scissor for you

When buying a scissor, it is important to consider the design, the sharpness, and the feel of the scissor in your hand.

A scissor company that offers good after-sales service is also very important for you.

Do you have a scissor manufacturer you can trust?

If you don’t have one, please read this article to the end.

If you live in the UK, how do you buy your scissors?

The most popular ways to buy hairdresser scissors in the UK are online shops and beauty expos.

But if, after you have bought your hairdressing scissors

  • You dropped your hairdressing scissors
    It’s not what you imagined
    It is not comfortable to use
    You don’t understand the scissors you have bought

What would you do if this happened to you?

If you buy from an online shop or at a beauty expo, there is no follow-up service.

If you’re looking for a scissor manufacturer who will take you seriously Ren scissors is the place for you.

Hand made Japanese hairdressing scissors in the UK

Ren Japanese scissors are handmade hairdressing scissors for sale in London from a factory in Japan.

Our quality scissors are made by Japanese craftsmen and are very popular in Japan.

We manufacture over 4000 Japanese scissors a year, each one is made to order.

Our Japanese scissors are manufactured according to the application technology, such as blade wire, blade shape, inches, handle shape, and blade steel.

Why are handmade hairdresser scissors the best choice?

Handmade hairdresser scissors have a very high performance.

This is because the size, shape, and steel material are chosen to suit each individual hairdresser.

Handmade hairdresser scissors last longer and cut better because the craftsmen make each one carefully.

What Japanese hairdresser scissors can I buy in the UK?

If you are interested in buying Japanese hairdresser scissors in the UK, you can buy the following scissor brands

  • Matsui scissors

These scissors are also available from Amazon and other online retailers.

Would you like to buy Japanese hairdressing scissors from the manufacturer?

It’s easy to buy them in our online shop.

But beauty scissors are very expensive and they are the most important tool for your work.

That’s why we want you to touch and feel them with your own eyes and hands.

Especially it important feels when you hold it in your hand.

That’s why Ren scissors has set up a branch in London, and every hairdresser can see our Japanese hairdressing scissors for themselves.

Where can you buy Japanese hairdressing scissors in the UK?

If you are thinking of buying Ren Japanese scissors, please contact us.

We are located at 4 Pollen Street, London, W1S 1ND United Kingdom and can come directly to your hairdresser if you are in London.

If you are a hairdresser living outside London, you can also buy from our online shop and we are happy to answer any questions or offer advice.

Call:(+44) 020 7289 0260

Shipping is available in Uk and the EU.

We do sharpening and maintenance scissors.

Sharpening Price: £25+vat(£5)=£30


Thank you for reading!

How to take care of hair cutting scissors/shears ?

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