A long-standing goal of ours has been to find a way of keeping hair from escaping.

In the past, the act of opening and closing scissors while cutting hair would cause the hair to slide from the base of the blades to the tip. Thus, if we wanted to be able to cut hair in a straight line, we needed a design that would stop hair from moving.

CTN scissors are made with a completely new technique that simultaneously cuts hair and prevents hair from moving. Hair movement is limited by extremely small notches that are absent from the static blade of conventional scissors.

However, this means that the movable blade is responsible for cutting, so a sharper blade is needed than before. This problem is solved through LSBS machining. LSBS machining achieves this goal by increasing the volume of the blade to make it more uniform, thus forming a stronger, sharper blade than before.

The CTN design not only has the ability to stop hair from moving, but it can also cut with a beautiful cutting surface.