Special Offer


▶︎We, REN×Scissors Japan, make great effort to make scissors which produce spectacular results for any kind of hair.
In order to manufacture these unprecedented scissors, our experienced craftsmen carefully choose only the best materials and using our original method, craft scissors with sharpness and tenderness.
In our factory, each individual pair of scissors are scrupulously and precisely measured and designed, so that best hairstylists can perform at their best by using our products.
We always strive to provide genuinely “Authentic Scissors.” This is our real passion and responsibility.
We are very pleased to serve all our customers in this way.

LSBS Process and Finish

▶︎In general, all scissors have a dent on the reverse side.
This dent will affect the quality of a pair of scissors and determine whether they are ultimately good or bad scissors.
LSBS is a process that allows us to avoid any negative impact from the dent and instead, it helps to bring out in
it’s fullness the sharpness and strength of the scissors.
The LSBS process and our finish creates scissors with a light and soft touch.

Bearing and Touch Point

▶︎Scissors use pressure from the screw and turn it into power for cutting.
We place a thrust bearing around the screw making constantly smooth movement possible.
What’s more, our original bearing processes are effective in anti-overhanging.

Well-Selected Manufacturing

▶︎We use stainless steel for our hairdressing scissors. Stainless steel contains nickel, chrome and other rare metals such as vanadium and molybdenum. Vanadium and molybdenum are expensive materials, but just containing these expensive metals is not good enough according to our standards. We believe that materials need to be combined correctly and that each individual material should be dealt with and added in a particular way. To compound our stainless steel, special methods and great care is crucial.